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Listening & Learning - Delivering Technology & Relationships

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Our History & Background

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Industry Experience

After a number of years working at Snowdrop Systems, a leading supplier of HR software, it became clear that there was a need withing small to medium-sized organisations for HR management software. At the tome, most HR software systems cost far more than an SME could justify. What they were looking for was a robust, flexible HR system that provided a range of HR management features

Working With Vizual

While Snowdrop opted not to offer the low-cost option to their clients, a number of organisations had also spotted the gap in the market. Teaming up with Vizual Business tools provided us with a system we could offer to our clients. Supplying Vizual Personnel at first, and then Personnel Manager, we were able to provide a system that cost under a £1000. at the time this was perhaps 20% of the cost associated with other systems.

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Launching People Inc.

We now had a clear understanding of the needs of our clients. Vizual Business Tools was sold to ADP in 2009 and support for Personnel Manager and Personnel Director was then withdrawn. We launched our own system, People Inc.

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