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Connect to Remote Desktop Support

Connect to Remote Desktop Support

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Online Support

We provide telephone, email, online and on-site support for our products using UK based staff. Our clients are also given access to a special area of website containing complete system documentation as well as FAQ’s, a library of report definitions and much more.

To enable us to deliver online support we make use of remote meeting and screen sharing technology.

This means that our support team can work on your 'live' system. This manner of support is very effective in many cases.

To do this we use a tool called "GoToMeeting". When you use this service you first have to temporarily install a small program that enables our technical staff to see and control your desktop.

GoToMeeting is secure and uses high-quality 128 end to end AES encryption. While the program is firewall-friendly, your IT infrastructure may however not permit the use of GoToMeeting. For full information on GoToMeeting functionality, please refer to the GoToMeeting site.


Our support team can only provide on-line support on functional questions about our software, for instance: how do I design a report or a letter? We will also be able to help you with queries about the system functionality and the data held in the database.

Technical support cannot however be provided for the installation itself or for the support of other software, such as Microsoft SQL server, in which case you should contact your own IT system manager.

By acceptance of an on-line meeting we assume that you have permission from your organisation for this on-line support and that you accept the conditions for the use of GoToMeeting.


Users of this service are responsible for implementing their organisations data security policies. Members of our support team will assume that they are authorised to access any part of the system or data to the extent necessary to resolve queries raised.

I am authorised to use this facility and understand the above information

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