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Friendly Personal, Group or Delegate Based Training

Friendly Personal, Group or Delegate Based Training

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HR Software User Training

We provide bespoke training solutions based around a client needs to help them get the most from their system. This can be a comprehensive introduction to the system, an in-depth exploration of particular section of the system (or bespoke functionality) or a quick refresher. Training can be delivered online or on site and is suitable for one or more participants. We are also able to provide user training options for older HR products such as the Vizual range.

The People Inc. system can help manage information relating to all aspects of HR. And while there are comprehensive user-guides that cover the functionality provided by the system, many users prefer to attend some form of training course. Training courses give users with a better understanding of the features and benefits the software provides.

Training sessions introduce the techniques and approaches that help users to get the maximum benefit from their People Inc. system. To cater for users who prefer or need different approaches to learning, we offer three types of training: centrally-run courses, on-site courses, and on-line training sessions.

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Online Training.

Running through different aspects of the system in a series of on-line sessions will give users a good understanding of the features and benefits provided by the system. This approach provides the most flexibility in terms of the topics covered and the scheduling of sessions. Individuals also benefit from having time between sessions that can be used to review the things they have learned.

Sessions can be arranged for individuals, or for groups, and often this can be done at short notice. Some users prefer to set up a series of coordinated online training sessions for their team. We work with clients to devise a series of training sessions that meet their specific needs.

Delegate Based Training Courses.

It is possible to join users from other companies on one of our delegate-based People Inc. courses, and these are run regularly at our offices in Milton Keynes. It is also possible to arrange on-site user-training (at a client's offices). This enables the client to specify the agenda and arrange for specialist staff to attend individual sessions.

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On-site Training

A full range of training courses are available. For each People Inc. product we offer standard courses at basic and advanced level, as well as technical training (report writing, screen design). The following standard courses are available:

  • Introduction to People Inc.
  • Advanced People Inc.
  • Employee Self Service
  • Introduction to People Inc. time
  • Report Writing.
  • System set-up and Screen Design

Basic level courses are designed for users who are new to the system. Here you will learn to enter and modify data in your system, and perform basic tasks such as searching for employee details or generating letters. After completing the course you will also be able to create filters, basic queries, and you will have an understanding of reports. The introductory training course takes one day to complete

The People Inc. report writer course is designed to help users to learn to build their own reports. The course covers basic and intermediate techniques. Advanced report writer training (or report training for IT staff) is available as a separate course. The course takes one day to complete.

An advanced training course is available users who have a good understanding of their system.

If users are unsure whether this particular course is the right course for them, or wish to confirm that a particular topic will be covered, they should contact P&A Software prior to booking a place.

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