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People Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of HR management tools, all within a single system.

HR Software suitable for use in a wide variety of different organisations.

Modular, configurable, easy to use, and hassle free.

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Flexible, Affordable Personnel Software

People Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of HR management tools within one system. Modular, configurable, easy to use, and hassle free. An HR Solution designed to work within a wide variety of organisations.

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User Training

Our carefully crafted user-training sessions are designed to help you get more from your People Inc. system. There are three options: we run centralised courses here in Milton Keynes; we can visit your offices to provide training; we run training sessions via video conferencing facilities.

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There is a lot to think about during the implementation of an HR system. Our consultants can help you plan the implementation of your People Inc. system, setting up your screens and reports, building user access-profiles, importing data, and introducing the system to users.

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The People Inc. system includes a number of powerful design tools. These can be used to customisation screens and reports, add new functionality and accommodate your HR processes. Our consultants are here to help you set the system up so that it really meets your needs.

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HR Software Modules

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People Inc HR Module

Record and manage detailed HR records, including holidays and absence, pay and benefits, training and development, and recruitment. Customisable screens, user access profiles and a powerful report writer, provide the flexibility to tailor the system to meet specific needs.


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Employee Self Service Module

Accessed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone, this self-service tool is used by employees and managers to manage holiday bookings, submit timesheets and expense claims, and update their personal information (replacing paper-based systems and reducing response times).


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Time & Attendance Module

Designed to roster staff and manage their timekeeping, the People Inc. time module combines hardware and software elements to provide a fully featured time and attendance solution. The hours worked by employees together with overtime information can then be extracted.


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For a number of years we provided the Vizual family of HR software products to our clients. Organisations currently using Vizual Personnel Manager or Vizual Personnel Director are entitled to a like-for-like free upgrade to the latest version of our People Inc. system.


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About Us

Based in Milton Keynes, P&A Software Solutions supplies HR management systems to a wide variety organisation. Established in 1997, for 10 years we sold Vizual HR software both in the UK and in mainland Europe. Since 2007 we have implemented our People Inc HR system for more than 2000 organisations. These organisations range in size from around 20 employees to large international businesses working from 20 offices across Europe.

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Latest News

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Used in conjunction with the People Inc. Roster Planning tools, this feature provides an hourly breakdown and analysis of the resourcing levels available within each team or area.

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Competency Management using the People Inc. HR system


A competency framework defines the skills, knowledge and experience required to achieve work related goals. Across the organisation, the mix of competencies will vary from job to job.

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Update salaries globally using the Salary Review Manager

Salary Review Manager

The Salary Review Manager feature is designed to help update People Inc. following an annual pay review. This feature enables users to update salary figures globally.

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Display dashboard-style statistics on key HR metrics

Online Statistics

This feature displays a graphical representation of rates and trends based on information within the system. This includes headcount and turnover, equal opportunities and staff absence rates.

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Diary view for HR events and actions

ESS Scheduler

A tool to consolidate employee information into a calendar view; entries include absence bookings, training courses, shift patterns, Action List entries, employment anniversary.

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Sample reports generated using the People Inc HR system

Reporting Update

A selection of new report definitions has been added to the People Inc. report library. Covering a variety of areas, these reports can be downloaded using the Report Browser feature.

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People Inc Employee Self Service directory listing showing contact details and employee status

Employee Directory

Look up employee contact details and availability using this People Inc add-on. Access from PC and mobile phone. Configurable view includes job, department, location, and employee photo.

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Integrated People Inc Windows client Training Matrix tool showing colour coded training needs, employee and course details and key dates

Training Matrix

The training matrix plug-in details courses employees have completed, planned training and training needs. The feature highlights overdue training and training about to expire.

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Three layered HR policy documents

HR Policies

The People Inc. HR Policy add-on enables users to publish details of HR policies so that employees can indicate that they have read and understood them (via their ESS login).

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People Inc. HR system integrated organisation chart tool showing hierarchy and employee details

Organisation Charts

The Organisation Chart plug-in generates charts using People Inc. records. Users can select a company, department, or location and specify the details shown for each employee.

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Mobile device showing People Inc Time and Attendance clocking in page with current status and clocking buttons

Software Clock

This feature enables employee to clock in via a PC or mobile phone. The software clock provides a greater amount of flexibility and significant cost savings over traditional hardware clocks.

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People Inc HR system shown in layered images running on Windows PC, web site and mobile device

People Inc. version 4

A new release of the People Inc. system including enhancements and new functionality for all three modules. This release also provides a library of optional features via the Features Browser.

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Two reports generated by the People Inc HR system showing colourful charts, graphs and tables

ESS Absence Add-on

Including sickness registration, return to work, buy and sell holidays, and an 'I am running late' feature, this add-on provides additional absence management tools for the ESS module.

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Three layered pages from a paper based employee appraisal

Online Appraisals

The Appraisal History screen can be adapted using the screen design tool so that it matches the organisation's appraisal form. This form can then be completed by line managers via their ESS login and the details recorded within the system.

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Scanned image of a payslip retrieved from the People Inc Employee Self Service system

On-line Payslips

Once copies are attached to employee records using the People Inc. on-line payslips plug-in, employees can access their latest payslip together with payslips from previous months via their ESS login.

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Manage employee timesheets online via the People Inc. ESS

Employee Timesheets

Using the ESS to manage timesheets ensures that details are submitted efficiently, that timesheets are processed quickly, and an audit trail is available afterwards.

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Managing expense 

Expense Claims

Using this feature, employees can record details of any expenses they have incurred, attach copies of their receipts and submit expense claims.

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Pension Auto-Enrolment

Pension Auto-Enrolment

An ESS add-on designed to manage the pension auto-enrolment process, notify staff of re-enrolment dates, produce reports, and generate alerts.

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