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The latest People Inc. Wizard Pack

The latest People Inc. Wizard Pack

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Wizard Pack 4

3rd August 2022

The latest People Inc. Wizard Pack includes an updated Salary Review Manager tool, the Organisation Chart Viewer, the System Heath Check plug-in, plus copies of all the main system wizards for managing training, absence, employment, etc.

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While the management of individual records within People Inc. is achieved using data-screens, more advanced functionality is usually provided via wizards. Wizards might be used to present information in a particular way (organisation charts, training matrix, absence calendar), they might help with a process (booking employees onto a training course), or perhaps provide the means to update records in bulk (absence block booking, general pay review).

Wizards are used to simplify and speed-up a range of different processes or updates. In general terms, if a wizard is used, the updates are likely to be applied to more than one employee (at the same time), and the changes might take a number of steps to define. Wizards are also used to display information relating to groups of employees in useful ways.

Wizard Pack 4 contains the current versions of all the latest wizards and plug-ins. Designed to manage information in 8 different areas of the system, the features are all listed below. These wizards are added to any existing system wizards when Wizard Pack 4 is installed.

Wizards Included in Wizard Pack 4

When Wizard Pack 4 is installed, it adds to the library of existing wizards, replacing older versions of individual wizards if they are found. The wizards including in Wizard Pack 4 are used to help manage information in most areas of the People Inc. system. They can be categorised as follows:

  • Managing Employee Records
  • New Employee from Applicant Wizard
  • Register Employee as a Leaver
  • Organisation Chart Viewer
  • Managing Absence
  • Absence Block Booking Wizard
  • Recreate Absence Allowances
  • Close Absence Allowances
  • Absence Viewer
  • Managing Remuneration
  • Salary Review Manager
  • Attach Payslips
  • Managing Training
  • Assign Training Needs
  • Book Training Course
  • Complete Training Course
  • Training Matrix
  • Managing Productivity
  • Action List Manager
  • Managing Users
  • ESS Password Reset
  • ESS Synchronise Users
  • ESS Password Reset (multi-database)
  • ESS Synchronise Users (multi-database)
  • Managing System-Data
  • Data Health Check
  • Update data Field
  • Recalculate Records
  • Delete Records
  • Mail Queue Manager
  • System Updates
  • Feature Browser
  • Report Browser

More Information

When the People Inc. system is installed it includes a significant number of Wizard and Plug-ins to help manage HR information. Wizard Pack 4 provides updates for some of these tools, but also adds new system features.

Wizard Pack 4 provides additional functionality in all the main areas of the People Inc. system (salary management, employment, training, recruitment, system tools, etc.).

Click on the blue 'Learn More' button to view detailed information about the People Inc. Wizards and Plug-ins, and how they can help manage HR information held in the system.

Alternatively please sign-up for one of our Wizard Pack 4 webinars (see below for details).

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More Information

People Inc. Wizards


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We run regular webinars looking at People Inc. system features. These usually last around 20 minutes. These sessions are open to existing users but we also welcome those just interested in learning more about the system.



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If you would like to learn how Wizard Pack 4 can you manage HR information, lease join one of our webinars:

  • Wednesday 17th August at 11am
  • Wednesday 17th August at 2pm

There is no fee for attending People Inc. webinars. Use the blue 'Webinar' button to book a place.

At the end of each session we usually provide some additional information relating to the topic we have covered in the webinar.

Getting a copy of Wizard Pack 4

If you have an up to date copy of the People Inc, system it will already include the wizards and plug-ins that make up Wizard Pack 4. But if you have had your People Inc. system for some time, it may be worth checking to see if you have all of the features listed above.

Wizards are accessed using a button on the main system screen, but this list is managed using the System Options menu in your system (it is possible to hide wizards that you do not use using this screen).

Click on the blue 'Download' button to visit the Resources area and download a copy of the latest Wizard Pack.

Please note that to access People Inc. downloads you will need a current account for the Resources area. You can sign-in for an account on the log-in page.

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Wizard Pack 4

System Resources downloads



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