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Implementing Custom Surveys to Gain New Insights

Implementing Custom Surveys to Gain New Insights

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Based on research carried out by the London School of Economics and University College London, professionals from working-class families in the UK are paid on average £6,800 less than colleagues from more privileged backgrounds. Several organisations use People Inc. to record and monitor Social Mobility data to help understand how this issue affects their employees.

Details recorded within the People Inc. system can be made available to line-managers and employees using the Employee Self-Service module. Using a secure login, staff use a web browser to access the ESS. In addition to being granted controlled access to their HR records, they can also be asked to add information. This is normally done via customisable forms.

Forms can be used to collect a wide variety of information. Amongst the most common HR forms is the annual staff appraisal form and most ESS users will use on-line versions of their appraisal form. The same approach can be used to collect information about the social mobility of the workforce.


Social Mobility Survey Form

People Inc employee self service web page showing a bespoke social mobility survey form


Having collected information from employees about their family’s social status, financial situation, and access to education, HR teams can report on the make-up of the workforce, and over time look at how opportunity and remuneration within their organisation is affected by social factors. This is normally done using the analysis tools included with the People Inc. report writer.

For more information on managing survey forms within the ESS, please contact the People Inc. office on 01908 265111



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