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Managing Daily Resource Levels

Managing Daily Resource Levels

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15th February 2022


The People Inc. time Resource Planning tool will ensure that there are sufficient staff to provide the level of cover needed right through the day. Users can set the level of resource required at different times, making sure this does not exceed the daily budgeted hours for the team.

To fine-tune the scheduling of staff on any particular day, users can make changes to the shifts assigned to individual employees and even bring in employees from other areas.


Plan to provide cover at the busiest times of day and during periods of peak demand. Ensure teams are adequately staffed hour-to-hour. Budget for the total spend (on staffing) in any team or area. Borrow staff from other areas of the organisation as required.


Work Patterns

A number of different People Inc. tools can be used to refine the planned hours for staff. Within People Inc. time, the roster planning feature is used to build shift-patterns and this in turn provides an indication of staffing levels across the organisation (it can be used to monitor and adjust resourcing levels team by team).


Resource Planning

Sometimes shift patterns planned at a day-level are not detailed enough. If the staffing levels required vary hour-by-hour, a more-detailed plan is required to ensure that areas have sufficient cover at different times of the day.

Resource Planning

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The Resource Planning tool provides an overview of the resource in each team, day-by-day. It takes the shifts assigned to employees as its starting point. Users can add target figures for resourcing levels at different time of the day. These are automatically compared with the actual figures (derived from the shifts assigned to employees). Planned absence such as holiday is taken into account as part of this process and the Resource Planning tool is then able to highlight periods of the day when the team is understaffed (or overstaffed).

Users can do two things to adjust staffing levels on a particular day: they can change the shift assigned to employees, and they can roster additional staff (staff who usually work in other areas of the organisation). The Resource Planning tool then re-calculates the figures for the day.

Each day (of the year) is managed independently, so where the organisation has more demand at different time of year, the figures are adjusted accordingly. A budgeting feature can be used to ensure that the total resource used does not exceed the number of hours budgeted for each team.

More Information

Resource Planning is included as standard within out T&A module. This module enables you to set rosters, collect clock times, manage absence, calculate overtime, and extract details for payroll processing.

Click on the blue 'Learn More' button to view more information about how People Inc. can help your organisation with resource planning. If you would like to discuss the resource planning feature in more detail, please call the People Inc. team on 01908 265111.

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Resource Planning


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Adding Resource Planning to your People Inc. system.

The Resource Planning feature is only available within our People Inc. time (time & attendance) module. Included as a plug-in for users who have People Inc. version 4, copies are also available as a download (an associated Features Browser update may also be required on some systems).. Please call our help desk to discuss adding this functionality your copy of People Inc. time.

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