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Tracking Ability & Developing Standards

Tracking Ability & Developing Standards

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Staff Assessments

8th November 2018

Assessing and developing competencies is an effective way to ensure that teams of employees have the attributes required for the work they do; do they have all the pieces of the jigsaw?

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Competencies is a general term for a range of different attributes including: skills, knowledge, values, behaviours, and levels of performance. During the competency management process, levels are defined for each of the attributes, and both roles and staff are assessed using these.

Competencies are often used in conjunction with objectives. The objectives (or goals) cover what an employee or a team needs to accomplish; the competencies are the tools they need to reach the objectives.

Furthermore, competencies often make reference to the quality or standards required. With this in mind it is easy to see that managing competencies also strengthens the culture within an organisation (how do we do things and what are our quality expectations?).


To implement a competency management framework, the following steps need to be taken. The organisation need to define a set of competencies that relate to their culture, business sector and day-to-day operational needs; each competency needs a number of levels. Competencies are then assigned to job roles (at an appropriate level). With this in place, employees can be assessed using the competency definitions for their role. When pulled together, this enables the organisation to identify shortcomings (and address these with suitable activities: training, placement, mentoring, etc.).

Analysing competencies can also provide an organisation with a means to make the best use of the strengths demonstrated by individuals, and ensure that teams are made up of individuals who demonstrate the appropriate competencies collectively.

People inc. and Competencies

Available as an optional system feature, competency definition, job assessment and employee assessment screens can be added to the People In. system using the People Inc. Features Browser.

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