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Self Service Appraisal Processing

Self Service Appraisal Processing

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17th February 2016


There are a number of different ways that People Inc. can help to manage employee appraisals.

Appraisal information can be recorded against an employee record and reminders set so that regular appraisals are arranged for individuals. With this in place, it is then possible to identify employees who have not had an appraisal.

Where an organisation has implemented the Employee Self-Service module, appraisal information can be entered directly into People Inc. system by line-managers (or even by the employees themselves). Organisations often add a bespoke appraisal form to the system to enable them to do this.

An add-on is available for the ESS that generates questionnaire-based appraisals. This enables users to specify a set of questions that employees and managers complete as part of the appraisal process. A variety of different types of question can be includes in an appraisal and questions can vary depending on the job the employee does.

Once appraisal information is recorded within the system it is then possible to analyse the details to look for progress year-on-year, and company-wide trends (using reports).



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