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Handy Hints for People Inc.

21st August 2018

Every week on a Friday, one of our Customer Services team sends users a helpful hint or tip based on one of the Help Desk calls we received that week. We select a topic that we feel will be helpful and informative and use this to produce an e-mail to send out. Topics to date have included:

  • Hiding old and unused record
  • Setting up custom user accounts
  • How training can help you gain an advantage
  • It is quick and easy to create graphs from the data in the system
  • Using a filter is an easy way to list people with Birthdays
  • Managing who is able to delete employee records

You can see history of these hints and tips on this website, on the 'The Friday tip' page (click here.) Please contact us via the help desk if you are not yet receiving these Friday Tips and would like to be added to the mailing list.

The Friday Tip

>Image of the People Inc Friday Tip web page showing a number of hints and tips for the People Inc system




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