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Upgrades from Legacy HR Software Systems

Upgrades from Legacy HR Software Systems

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Vizual Personnel Director

Vizual HR Software

Having supplied Vizual's Personnel Director to clients since the system was first introduced we consider ourselves to be experts in its configuration and use. The Personnel Director system was withdrawn from sale in 2009, however we continue to provide advice and support for customers using PD (including user training and other consultancy services).

Consultants here at P&A Software have almost unrivaled experience using the Personnel Director system. We are able to offer help and advice on all aspects of the system via our help desk. Please note that as updates for software from Microsoft (including Windows and Office) are introduced, there will be restrictions in compatibility that we may not be able to overcome for you (the most recent version of PD was released in 2005 and no further releases will be made available).

We provide system training and consultancy to Personnel Director users. If your organisation has new HR staff; if you feel you would benefit from refresher training or advanced training on screen design or report design, please call us on 01908 26511 for more information.


Free Online Sessions

P&A Software run regular online taster sessions for Personnel Director users. These are designed to provide users with an insight into selected areas of the functionality offered by the system. Each session focuses on a particular topic and generally last around 20 minutes. The sessions are run monthly and all Personnel Director users can attend free of charge. Please see the page on online sessions (click here) for more information.


Upgrading to People Inc.

See the information on this website page on upgrading to People Inc. (click here) for more information on our replacement for the Personnel Director system.


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