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Comprehensive Flexible & Integrated HRM Software

Comprehensive Flexible & Integrated HRM Software

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People Inc. - HR Software Solution

People Inc. is a modern, flexible HR system designed to manage comprehensive personnel-related information. The system enables users to:

  • Record detailed information about employees including personal details, on-boarding details, medicals, equipment issued, next of kin details, etc. Manage attached documents.
  • Manage remuneration including salary information, benefits, allowances, and company cars.
  • Manage details of absence allowances and bookings (holiday, sickness, maternity leave etc.) Account for length of service, bank holidays and pro-rate rules for part time staff.
  • Manage staff development including training needs and appraisals. Manage information relating to training courses and training course administration.
  • Manage recruitment including a facility to publish vacancy information to the organisation’s web site and accept online applications.
  • Manage vehicle details including driving incidents and corporate-responsibility checks
  • Work from an automated action list that generates reminders for key dates.

System Benefits

The system provides a centralised database to manage all HR records. This includes all personal information, documents and alerts/actions relating to employees. Secure access can be granted to selected information to line-managers (and other staff) as required, empowering them and reducing their dependence on any centralised HR function. Manging records centrally enables users to generate meaningful management reports (staff turnover, staff retention, cost of absence, etc.).

The system saves time. With the correct processes in place, information can be added to the system at source (by regional/office staff) rather than e-mailed, faxed or posted to a central HR function for entry into the system. Letters and contracts can be generated quickly and easily, and the system automatically files copies of these. HR information can be analysed, checking for compliance, and identifying trends without the need for time-consuming manual compilation of reports.

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The system helps HR ensure that an organisation adheres to key employment legislation (right to work, pension enrolment, disciplinary, maternity, etc.). By providing an effective tool to identify shortcomings and missing information, People Inc. helps to demonstrate that the correct processes are in place and the correct actions are taken.

The flexibility provided by the People Inc. system means that the functionality and benefits provided by the system will always meet the needs of the organisation without the need for expensive system development. Users can add screens or adapt existing screens using the Screen Designer tool. Information added via a user-screen is automatically available in the report writing tool (and other system tools). As the organisation’s needs evolve and change the design tools can be used to adapt the People Inc. system accordingly.

The standard People Inc. system includes a wide variety of pre-defined report templates. These are designed to help manage all aspects of HR. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or generated as a PDF file or MS Excel spreadsheet. Users can modify the standard report templates if required; they can also create new report templates using the report design tool. An online library provides users with access to a comprehensive selection of additional report templates.

People Inc. contains ready-to-merge letters (and e-mails) created using MS Word. Users can modify existing letter templates or add their own letter templates as required. Letters generated from the system can be sent to individuals as paper documents (via the post) or delivered via e-mail. Copies are automatically stored against employee records.

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Access profiles can be used to manage the information available to different users when they log in. Control is provided over access to all of the information in the system and user-accounts can be added for specific roles (for example to enable staff to manage recruitment, or training, or add sickness details). Confidential information such as remuneration details and disciplinary details can be protected in this way.

Latest Version

Available free-of-charge to all existing customers, this release includes important new functionality (new screens and wizards), a fresh new user-interface, and full support for two new versions of SQL Server.

The People Inc. version 3.6 upgrade includes the following enhancements to the existing functionality:

  • A fresh new user-interface providing an updated data screen and improved short-cut bar, an updated data-screen button bar and a new system button bar. A wizard to manage applicants collectively; an enhance pay-review wizard; a wizard to extract file-attachments.
  • New screens to generate statistics; to collate payroll changes log; to manage driving incidents; to manage vehicle service history. A new 'Themes' feature to enables users to change the look and feel of the system (choosing from a library of more than 40 different styles). In addition the upgrade provides enhanced database management tools to ensure compatibility with SQL Server 2012 and 2014 (while retaining support for older versions of SQL Server). Click on the Download PDF button on this screen for more information.
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