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Features Browser

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The Features Browser

18th September 2018


Adding New Functionality

It is possible to add functionality to the People Inc. system in a number of different ways. Users can add custom functionality using the Screen Designer (and the Report Writer), and new features are provided via Wizards and Plug-ins (available from the Resources area of this website).

At the beginning of 2018 we launched a plug-in that enables users to browse, download and install report templates. This made the online library of People Inc. report templates much more accessible. Prior to this, it took some effort to download and install reports; the Report Browser plug-in meant it took just the click of the mouse.


Features Browser plug-in

To complement the Report Browser, the new People Inc. Features Browser is a plug-in that enables users to download and install additional screen-based features.

People Inc. Features Browser


In the same way that the Report Browser made adding report templates a simple thing to do, the Features Browser enable users to add screens at the click of the mouse (until now, screens and screen elements have had to be added manually one-by-one). So new screen can now be added to People Inc. more quickly than ever.


A Library of New Screens

A number of downloadable screen definitions are currently available for use with the Features Browser. These include:

  • The Action List configuration screen: a screen to enable users to set 'triggers' to generate reminders on dates recorded in system screens.
  • The Statistics Screen: a screen that provides a monthly summary of headcount and turnover, time lost to absence, etc.
  • The Payroll Change Log screen: a screen that consolidates all payroll-related changes so that they can be extracted and used in the payroll.
  • The Service History screen: a screen enabling users to manage and schedule vehicle servicing.
  • The Attached Pay-Slips ESS screen: a screen used to record and display copies of employee payslips so that they are accessible to employees via the ESS.

As part of our on-going investment in the People Inc. system, further screens and features will be made available for this plug-in; users will be able to browse these and add them to their system free-of-charge.



If you would like to gain a better understanding of this plug-in and what it is designed to do, please join one of our free webinars. Features Browser webibars are scheduled on the following days:

  • Wednesday 26th September @ 3pm
  • Thursday 27th September @ 2pm

Please contact your account manager if you would like to join one of these webinars.



Please note that, for the time being, the Features Browser tool is only available to People Inc. consultants. Please contact your account manager for more information.



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