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About P&A Group

About P&A Group

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Our Company

P&A Software Solutions is a software supplier specialising in human resources systems designed to provide focussed HR functionality combined with a high degree of flexibility. The company was established in 1997 and supplies both off-the-shelf systems and bespoke solutions. Both of these are implemented using software developed in-house.

Until 2009, we supplied the Vizual range of HR software products to our clients. This included the Personnel Manager and Personnel Director HR systems. During this time we also wrote and supplied our own HR software under the Vizual brand, including Recruitment Manager and Recruitment Director, and our training course administration systems Training Administrator.

Our current People Inc. systems are designed to manage personnel records, training course administration, recruitment, employee self-service, and time & attendance. They are backed-up with a full range of services including helpdesk support, user training (on-site or off-site), technical consultancy, and system implementation services.

During the past 20 years, P&A Software Solutions has supplied HR software to in excess of 5000 organisations.

Our Values

Having a clear set of values enables us to ensure that every member of our team understands how to approach everything they do, every query they deal with, and every opportunity they strive for. Everything we do has its foundation within our company values.

At the heart of our decision-making is customer service. Entrenched in every action, every initiative and every activity is the need to meet or exceed the expectation of our customers. We work hard to ensure that clients have easy access to reliable, friendly help and advice. We are passionate about customers and customer service.

In a changing world, the need to innovate, to improve, to rise to new challenges is ever-present. We are constantly learning. As a technology company we are focussed on developing and improving our products and services, always looking for new ideas and approaches. Key to this is the development of our staff and their skills.

Working as a team is key to our success. We support each of our colleagues, and value the contribution of each member of the team. With clear short-term and longer-term goals and targets, our close-knit teams are focussed on both quality and standards as well as completing the task. We are both realistic, and ambitious, and above all, we are proud of everything we achieve.

Working for P&A Software

We are always looking for new members of the team. If you are interested in working at P&A Software, click here for details of our current vacancies.


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