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Leveraging HR Data for Analysis & Presentation

Leveraging HR Data for Analysis & Presentation

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10th June 2020


One of the projects we undertook during the Coronavirus Lock-Down was a wholesale review of the report templates that make up the online report library. A significant number of new report templates have been made available, together with revisions and updates for quite a number of the existing report templates. These are all available as free downloads.

Management Reports

Layered management reports showing graphs, charts and tables

Management Reporting

Effective management reporting has an important role to play within any organisation. Management reports should provide a clear picture of key metrics within an organisation and enable senior management to understand how the organisation and its workforce is performing. Having a facility that will generate accurate and informative HR-related management reports quickly and easily provides an organisation with a number of strong benefits.

A new suite of management reports are available for download (either from the Resources page on this website, or via the Report Library Browser). Once loaded into the People Inc. system these reports highlight trends and exceptions, and provide an analysis of HR data across a range of categories or areas.

Operational Reports

Not all reports are designed to provide a high-level overview of HR information. It is also possible to generate reports that help with operational aspects of HR. It is often essential to have access to printed information to use as part of day-to-day processes. Report templates are used to facilitate this here this information is recorded within the People Inc. system.

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