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Searchable Contact Details & Employee Status

Searchable Contact Details & Employee Status

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18th March 2020


Often referred to as a 'peg-board', the original version of the Employee Directory add-on was released in Spring 2016. An updated version is now available for both PC and mobile phone. The Employee Directory provides access to employee contact details (telephone, e-mail) and status (at work, on holiday, etc.).

Employee Directory

Directory of employee contact information including telephone and email addresses which indicates status and attendance


With customisable cells, it is possible to make a variety of information available using the Employee Directory. The standard configuration displays the employee's photograph, their name, job, phone number and e-mail address. The telephone and e-mail are hyperlinks, and clicking on them will either call or e-mail the individual concerned.

Cells are highlighted (by default, green denotes that the employee is available and red denotes unavailable) and this indication of availability is updated automatically overnight using the absence bookings in the system. Staff can update their own status at any time (with 'Do Not Disturb' for example), and it is possible to display the reason somebody is unavailable within the cell. In the current climate this is an ideal way to indicate who is at work, and who is working from home.

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