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Visualise Hierarchies with Optional Drag & Drop Modelling

Visualise Hierarchies with Optional Drag & Drop Modelling

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5th June 2018


Organisation Charts are used to represent and communicate a company’s structure visually. As well as providing some information about the individuals who work within the organisation, they show where each person fits into the reporting structure (who they report to, and who reports to them). Using organisation charts as a business tool has some clear benefits.

Org-Chart Feature

Organisation chart generated by the People Inc hr system displaying hierarchy of employees including their employment details, buttons indicate additional options and functionality related to the chart

Using the People Inc. Organisation Chart plug-in, the user can generate charts based on all of the current employee records within the People Inc. database, or select a specific company, then department, or location and generate a chart that includes just the people who work in this area of the organisation. It is also possible to use custom data selections to build charts; these are based on combinations of company, location and department, or on criteria that use other data from the People Inc. system to select the employees.

It is possible to modify the way the organisation chart looks, this includes a choice of colour for the background, cells and the text; a choice of styles used in the chart (rectangular, rounded corners); a means to rotate the chart from portrait to landscape mode (and vice-versa); a choice of font used (standard font dialogue).

Users can display different information within the cells on the chart. Common selections include the employee’s name, department and job/role, but a selection tool enables users to include other employee-related information, chosen from a list of People Inc. fields (for example: job, phone, grade, FTE, ESS group, mobile number, e-mail, etc.). It is also possible to display employee photographs within a cell.

More Information

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More information about the Org-Chart Feature


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