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Integrated Time Registration, Planning, Reports & Export

Integrated Time Registration, Planning, Reports & Export

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People Inc. time - Employee Clocking Software

Designed to enable users to roster staff and manage their timekeeping, the People Inc. time module combines hardware and software elements to provide a fully featured Time & Attendance solution. The system is designed to manage shift patterns and staff rostering, collect real-time clock information, manage access-control, highlight absence, late arrival, shortened working days, calculate overtime, manage flexi-time, extract information for payroll-processing and generate reports.

With the additional benefits of the the integrated functionality available from the from People Inc. HR module and the Employee Self Service module, the People Inc. time T&A module provides users with a powerful, flexible, up-to-date and cost-effective solution.

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System Features

The People Inc. Time system provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Flexible rosters cater for variable staffing requirements
  • User defined business rules for shift patterns, overtime, holidays, etc.
  • Time registration via a range of devices, including modern clock-terminals, PC clocking-agent, and web-based time registration tools.
  • e-Mail alerts generated by the system and sent to managers as required.
  • Suite of reports provide management reporting and identify trends.
  • Fully integrated with HR database (one set of absence records).
  • Access Control features record and manage employee access.
  • ESS enables employees to view records and request holidays.
  • Data extract to generate information required for payroll processing
  • Information recorded using Microsoft SQL Server technology
  • One system can be used to manage staff-attendance at many sites

Planning and Scheduling Staff

People Inc. provides users with a flexible roster planning tool that is easy to use, and provides the flexibility required to deal with the variable demands placed on a modern workforce. Work schedules can be evolved and duplicated period-by-period as required. Access to the roster can be provided at line-manager level encouraging and empowering team-leaders and spreading the work-load effectively. The line-manager is provided with information detailing the availability of individual employees for each day (displayed clearly in a colour-coded chart) and the work schedule can be adapted to ensure sufficient resource is available to cope with the planned workload. 

Time Registration

Employees can clock-in using a hardware clock terminal via a proximity tag (or badge) or their fingerprint. Alternatively, staff with access to a computer can clock-in using various clocking software tools. All clock times are recorded. The system can be configured to apply standard business rules to clock times (when employees are paid, if they clock in before time, overtime rates, and holiday allowances); clock times are also compared to the roster. Real-time alerts are routed to managers via e-mail to enable them to react to resourcing issues quickly. The clock times can be verified and approved by line-managers (for example changes to rosters and sickness registration).

Reporting and Payroll Exports

Clock times (attendance), the work schedule, and employee absence can be analysed using reports. Standard reports are provided with the People Inc. time system. Where organisations wish to export information so that it can be used to process the payroll, this can be achieved using reports (generated as MS Excel spreadsheets, XML or PDF documents).

People Inc. time

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On-line Clock

Designed to enable staff to clock in from their PC or their mobile phone, the on-line clock gives staff an alternative to the traditional clocking in machine.

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Time ESS Pack

The Time ESS pack provides on-line access to shift-patterns, clocked hours and a pay-period overview for both employees and line-managers.

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Resource Planning

A tool to manage the number of staff available within each team day-by-day, hour-by-hour; adjust staffing levels for periods of peak demand.

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