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Self Service for Employees & Managers

Self Service for Employees & Managers

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Employee Self Service -HR Forms & Workflows

The People Inc. Employee Self-Service module allows your employees to view HR-related information, submit timesheets and expenses, and request leave. This means that you can eliminate paper-based systems and that response times to requests will be greatly reduced. Bookings are routed to managers for approval and then recorded automatically in the system. If required, using this tool, your managers may also access some employee-related records allowing them to see and maintain the information.

Access to the People Inc. Employee Intranet is via a web-browser so no additional software needs be installed on your organisation’s PCs. This means that your employees can:

  • Access some or all of their personnel information.
  • View additional personnel or company information, like current vacancies.
  • Submit holiday requests on-line and view department holiday bookings.

You can then:

  • Delegate administrative tasks to line managers, empowering staff and improving efficiency
  • Enable managers to approve or decline holiday requests submitted by your employees
  • When used in conjunction with People Inc. Time both your employees and managers can view details of attendance too.



Employee Self-Service

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Absence Add-on

Adding several absence related features, this add-on includes the means to report sickness absence, an online return to work form, and a buy/sell holiday feature.

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Employee Directory

An interactive telephone directory that is kept up-to-date automatically and provides both detailed contact details and information about employee availability.

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The expenses add-on enables staff to record and submit expense claims. These are routed to their line-manager for approval before they are made available for payroll.

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HR Policies

The HR Policy add-on enables users to publish details of HR policies and other documents so that employees can indicate that they have read and understood them (via their ESS login).

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Manager Timesheets

Where the hours worked by individuals are collated and submitted by a local manager, the Manager Timesheets add-on provides the means to manage the process electronically.

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On-line Appraisals

A simple way to provide access to staff appraisal forms. With centralised appraisal records the process becomes easier to manage and the appraisal details easier to analyse.

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On-line Clock

Designed to enable staff to clock in and out from their PC or their mobile phone, the People Inc. on-line clock gives staff an alternative to a traditional clocking-in machine.

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On-line Payslips

It is possible to distribute payslips electronically using the People Inc. ESS module. This is done by attaching copies of payslips to employee records within the system.

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Pension Auto-Enrolment

Helping to ensure that staff are enrolled into a pension, and are able to opt-out, the Pension Auto-Enrolment add-on is designed to manage key pension information and processes.

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Time ESS Pack

The People Inc. time ESS pack provides PC and mobile phone access to shift-patterns, clocked hours and a pay-period overview for both employees and line-managers.

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Designed to enable staff to submit timesheets, this add-on integrates with the system's absence management and provides a central tool to manage hours worked.

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Training Matrix

The Training Matrix is used to display an overview of employee training activities, highlighting any problems. It is also possible to book training using this feature.

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Training Registration

The Training Registration feature is used to add details of employee training activities. It can be used by both ESS users and system administrators.

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