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Expense Submission, Approval, Management and Export

Expense Submission, Approval, Management and Export

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Expense Claims


In most organisations, employees will need the means to claim back any expenses they have incurred during their time at work. Typically, this is a paper-based process (employees add details of expenses to a form and attach any receipts; the claims are then handed in, approved and then passed for payment).

The expense claims feature enables staff to submit expense claims electronically (via the People Inc. Employee Self Service module). Expense claims are automatically routed to the employee’s line-manager for approval before they are passed on to payroll for processing and payment.


Employees can submit expense claims via this People Inc. ESS add-on. Expense Claims are routed to their line-manager for approval, before being passed on to payroll for payment. Users can access a full history of expense claims and analyse these using reports

Using an electronic expense-claim form saves time-consuming and minimises queries. Details are verified as accurate when they are recorded, the completed form is available instantly and forms can be tracked very easily. Details of employee expenses are available for reporting and never need to be re-typed.

The Process

The Expenses add-on is accessed via a screen within the Employee Self-Service module. The expenses screen has a summary area at the top (normally relating to the period associated with the claim: for example, a calendar month). This area also details the claim’s progress through the approval process.

At the bottom of the screen, the employee adds a list of expense entries (i.e. date, item and cost). Each expense item is categorised to enable managers and accounts to process them efficiently.

There are several options associated with the expense categories designed to provide additional functionality. A category can be defined as ‘mileage’ and mileage rates set (including rates for lower and upper mileage bands); a category can be defined as including VAT to enable the organisation to reclaim this. The accounting code can be recorded for the category to facilitate meaningful reporting.

It is possible to attach scanned copies of any receipts to the expense claim if required. A unique reference number is provided against each individual entry and these can be added to any scanned copies of receipts for reference.

Features at a glance...

  • Record details of expense claims electronically
  • Settings to manage categories (cost codes)
  • Settings to manage mileage rates
  • Routing of expense claims for approval
  • Managers create/update expense claims
  • Second level approval feature
  • Historical records retained
  • Processing tracked and updates logged
  • Extract expense claims for payroll
  • Generate financial/management reports

The feature manages expense claims in the following way:

At each stage, the employee is informed of progress with their expense claim via e-mail.

Historical Records

Once an expense claim has been submitted, the system keeps a record of all the steps taken (who has change the form and when). The employee is kept informed of progress via e-mail. Both employees and their managers have access to historical information about expenses via their ESS login. Individuals can view expense claims (including old/approved claims) and generate PDF copies if they wish.

The expense claim information recorded in the People Inc. system can be used to form the basis of a suite of management reports. The People Inc. reporting tool enables users to extract information in a variety of layouts and formats (including MS Excel and Adobe PDF). Several analysis reports are provided with the Expense Claim Add-on. These include a summary of expense claims, a breakdown of claims by category (accounting code), expenses paid, expenses outstanding, expense totals by department (costs centre), and a mileage analysis report. Recording details of expenses in the system along with salary and other benefits also allows for reporting on departmental and company-wide expenditure.

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