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Unplanned Leave Analysis

Unplanned Leave Analysis

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Bradford Factor Calculator

Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is based on the concept that multiple short periods of absence have a greater impact than longer or less frequent periods of absence. The Bradford factor should be calculated using a years’ worth of absence data for an employee.

Whilst a useful indicator of the impact of a pattern of absence the Bradford Factor score should never be used alone when considering a course of action. The individual circumstances of an employee should also be taken into account in addition to other or unknown factors that may need to be identified.

The table below uses an example scoring scale and it is not uncommon for an organisation to develop its own finer grained scaled with more action points available. By using the Bradford Score as a metric to monitor staff opportunities for early intervention and support may become apparent.

Bradford Factor Potential Action
0-49 No Action
50-124 Verbal Warning
125-399 First Written Warning
400-649 FinalWritten Warning
650+ Dismissal

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