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Weekly Tips & Tricks

Weekly Tips & Tricks

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The Friday Tip

Once a week we highlight some unique and useful feature provided by the People Inc. system in our 'Friday Tip'. These tips are often based on a support call that we took during the week. Our aim is to help customers get more from using their People Inc. system. If you do not receive these tips but would like to, please contact the People Inc. help desk and ask to be added to the mailing list.

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Software T&A Clocks

15th April 2022

Employee Self-Service can be configured to enable staff to clock in and clock out on a PC or via a mobile phone. If needed, they can also access their shift-pattern, a summary of the hours they have worked (including overtime), and copies of their pay slips.

Clocking in from a mobile phone is a useful feature if staff are not based at a particular site (for example, field staff). Software clocks also provide an effective back-up for hardware clock terminals.

Click here for more information on Attendance information via the ESS.

Attendance Reporting

8th April 2022

Several plug-in based reports designed to extract employee attendance information are provided with the People Inc. time. system. These allow users to specify a range of departments and select one or more pay periods, and extract the hours employees work, together with details of any overtime, leave and unplanned absence.

Users can also build attendance reports using the People Inc. report writer. Common examples are information reports (for example, a shift plan for the coming week), exceptions reports (a list of late-arrivals, etc.), and analysis reports (a breakdown of time lost by location). Examples are available in the online report library (via the People Inc. Report Browser tool).

Click here for some example Time & Attendance reports.

Attendance reporting

April Fools' Day

Navigating April Fools' Day

1st April 2022

The tradition of playing practical jokes on each other on April 1st can prove to be a real challenge at work. April Fools' pranks can be taken too far very easily, and there is always the chance that those on the receiving end will find the experience uncomfortable or difficult to deal with (or worse).

When things do go wrong it is important to ensure that there is an appropriate response from HR. Staff may raise allegations of bullying and harassment, or even discrimination. Then of course, it's no laughing matter.

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  • Don't get into trouble on April Fools' Day (DAS Law) - more

Job Costing

25th March 2022

People Inc. provided two different options for managing the costs associated with projects or clients: the ESS timesheets feature or the T&A module.

The timesheet feature can be used to record a table of activities undertaken on a particular day (or during a week or month). Each entry can be assigned a job code (or project code or cost centre) and these can be used in reports to provide totals (or a breakdown of time spent).

A similar approach can be taken using People Inc. time (our T&A module) but when taking this approach, when employees move from one activity to the next they do so using one of the system clocks.

Clipboard with list of jobs

Access Control

Access Control

18th March 2022

Time and Attendance, and Access Control often use very similar concepts (and can use the same technology).

People Inc. provides a fully integrated access control feature. Access to buildings (and through internal doors) can be controlled using swipe-cards (or tags) or biometric sensors. Different groups of employees can be granted access to different areas of the premises using group-level access profiles.

Access for visitors (for example, engineers and cleaners) can also be managed using the access control features. The system keeps records of the doors used by individuals (each with a timestamp).

Attendance-related Alerts

11th March 2022

If you record attendance using People Inc. time, you can configure your system to provide e-mail alerts when staff arrive late. The system can also generate a notification e-mail when an employee first returns to work after a period of absence.

A comprehensive list of exceptions is automatically recorded within the system as staff arrive and leave. This feature can be used to identify trends and highlight attendance-related problems. The exceptions can be filtered, for example to show all the employees who worked fewer hours than scheduled on a particular day. This information can also be extracted and analysed using reports.

Clocking In Terminal

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Resource Planning

4th March 2022

Maintaining staffing levels in line with the expected workload is often a real challenge. Even more so, where cover is required for extended hours, or where the resource needed varies at different times of the day.

The People Inc. Roster Planning feature is used to assign shifts to individual employees and provides an overview of staff availability over a week.

If more detail is needed, People Inc. also includes a resource planning tool that breaks a day down into hourly slots and shows the number of staff available in a particular area, hour-by-hour.

Click here for more information on Resource Planning.

Online Calendar - Shift Patterns

25th February 2022

Shift patterns can be published using the calendar tool within the People Inc. ESS. This makes roster details readily available to employees. Individuals can see details of their own shifts, and the shifts their colleagues are working from their PC or mobile phone.

Designed to improve communication and minimise the number of queries HR receive from staff, the Employee Self-Service module is available 24/7 (365 days a year). The ESS also provides access to employee information (including payslips) and electronic forms for holiday booking, sickness registration, etc.

Valentines Day theme

Roster key staff

Staff Availability

18th February 2022

The People Inc. Employee Directory can be used to provide information about staff availability. This can work in one of two ways:

  • Where work-patterns are used to record the hours that staff work, the system uses a combination of these records and any absence bookings to indicate the availability of individual members of staff.
  • Where employees clock-in as they arrive at work, the system updates the Employee Directory with their availability as they do so.

Note that employees can change their status themselves (if they are working off-site, from home, or simply unavailable because they are in a meeting).

Especially for You

11th February 2022

Did you know that you can change the theme the used by the People Inc. screens? Choosing a new theme alters the look and feel of the screens. You can choose a new theme using one of the mini-icons at the very top of the People Inc. system screen.

The system includes themes for Halloween, Christmas, Spring and Summer, and there is a special Valentine's Day theme. The Valentine's theme includes a new screen background, and uses hearts for items on the screen itself.

If you are a People Inc. time user you get a bonus image on the screen when you select a new theme. On Valentine's Day this is an image of Cupid.

Valentines Day theme

Request Flexible Working form

Request Flexible Working

4th February 2022

UK Employment law requires that organisations consider requests for flexible working that are received from their employees. These requests usually need to be processed within three months of them being raised.

Adding a form to the People Inc. ESS is quick and easy to do, and can provide an auditable process to manage flexible working requests.

Employees can complete the form using their PC or mobile phone, and the system can automatically check for things like employment status, length of service, and the time elapsed since the employees most recent existing request.

Variable Work Patterns

28th January 2022

The People Inc. HR module uses a 7-day work pattern (perfect for staff who work the same hours each week). When employees are marked as absent their work-pattern is used to calculate the time lost. This is usually recorded as a number of days, but it is also possible to manage absence in hours.

Where work-patterns vary from week to week (staff on zero-hours contracts, part-time working variable hours, and staff who have a work pattern that repeats over a longer period) the Roster Planning feature can be used to record this information.

Click here for more information on Managing Variable Work-Patterns.

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