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Summer 2019

Clocking in using a web-based Clock

Traditionally done with a clock terminal, recording staff attendance is an important part of the payroll process. If the times that staff arrive and leave are recorded, they can be used to calculate hours worked, and to manage both overtime and flexi-time. When compared to physical clock terminals, software clocks provide an organisation with greater flexibility and a significant cost saving. More...


New People Inc. functionality

During the past few months we have introduced numerous enhancements to the standard People Inc. system. Initially these were only included with new copies of the system, however, we are now able to make these available to existing users . More...


Spring 2019

10 years Working with Partners

The annual People Inc. partner conference took place in Milton Keynes on Friday the 15th February. This year the event enabled us to celebrate 10 years working with partners to supply the People Inc. system to organisations in the UK. More...


Winter 2018

Office Hours - Christmas 2018

The People Inc. office will close on Christmas Eve at 12:00 midday and will open again on Wednesday 2nd January. It will be possible to contact the office via e-mail during this period.


Autumn 2018

Features Browser

The People Inc. Features Browser is a plug-in that enables users to select, download and install new People Inc. functionality. The downloadable features include the new screens made available as part of the regular system upgrades. We are continually adding to the library of downloads available for this plug-in. More...


The Friday Tip

Our helpdesk team have started to send out a helpful hint or tip to users each week on a Friday. Looking through the calls we received that week, we will select a topic that we feel others will have an interest in, and produce an e-mail to send out to users. More...


Summer 2018

People Inc. Webinars

We are going to start a series of free monthly Webinars to give our customers a better look at some of the interesting new developments we have made. Webinars have been done in the past for these topics and they were very popular. For this reason we are going to do them again in order to give those who missed out a chance to take part. More...


Building in Benefits

One of our partners AgathonHR are working closely with a number of construction industry clients to help them manage information related to key activities within their businesses. Utilising both core People Inc. functionality and bespoke features added with the systemís design tools, AgathonHR have provided a feature-rich system tailored to the specific needs of this industry sector. More...


Spring 2018

Wizards and Plugins Update

We have developed a number of Wizards and Plugins to help process information within People Inc. These include training and absence management tools, data utilities (to help comply with GDPR), a tool to browse our online Report Library, and our organisation charting tool. These new features are all available as free downloads via the Resources page. More...


People Inc. Partner Event

The 2018 People Inc. partner conference tool place at Putteridge Bury Conference Centre on the 14th and 15th March. Attended by regional partners and resellers, the event is designed to showcase new product developments and provide training for key staff working within the People Inc. reseller network. More...


Report Browser

The Report Browser is a People Inc. plug-in that enables users to review the report templates that are available as free-downloads from the People Inc. website. Users can then preview, select and install individual report templates for use within their People Inc. system. More...


Winter 2017

Mail Queue Manager

It is possible to send email from within the People Inc. system. This can be done either manually using the screen e-mail feature, or automatically, when a particular condition is met or event arises. For example, it is possible within People Inc time, to configure the system so that it notifies a manager by e-mail when an employee is late. The Mail Queue Manager plug-in enables users to manage the system's queued email messages. More...


Absence Wizards

At the end of each year, new holiday allowances are created within People Inc. to help manage absence during the coming 12 months. Where holiday is carried over, or the amount of holiday increases with service, the system manages this automatically. Users can also 'close' (or lock) old allowances once they are up-to-date and then provide figures for accounting purposes. More...


Autumn 2017

On-line Payslips

A People Inc plug-in designed to import copies of payslips and attach them to individual employee records is now available. This enables employees to view their pay advice via a web browser using their ESS account. The plug-in processes batches of payslips making it quick and easy to add new payslips each month. More...


On-line Appraisals

It is easy to manage on-line appraisals using the People Inc ESS system. This is standard functionality. However, we have been working with a leading UK-based supplier of medical equipment to provide them with a 5-step on-line performance appraisal facility. More...


Summer 2017

New Recalculate Data-Screen Wizard

Some information held in People Inc. is derived from data elsewhere in the system. When the user saves a record, this information is re-calculated. The Recalculate Data Screen wizard enables the user to recalculate all the records associated with a People Inc. screen. For example, if length of time since a training course was completed may not be up-to-date; this new wizard enables users to recalculate this information globally. More...



The General Data Protection Regulation came into force in 2016. Designed to increase the level of protection afforded to personal information, the legislation will need to be considered when recording and managing HR information. GDPR replaces the current Data Protection Act legislation, and not only raises the level of protection required when managing personal details, but also ensures that individuals have a significant level of control over their own information. More...


Spring 2017

Training Management

It is important to ensure that each employee has the skills and knowledge to do their job safely and effectively. People Inc. enables users to manage the training undertaken by employees, define mandatory training based on job role, and record details of other training requirements. Three wizards help users manage training for groups of employees. Using these wizards it is possible to select any number of employees and register a training need, a course booking or the completion of a training activity. More...


Register an Employee as a Leaver

When an employee is marked as a leaver, a leaving date is recorded for them and their employee status is updated. A new People Inc. wizard enable users to reconcile important historical information recorded for the leaver.

To find out more about this new wizard click here.


Winter 2016

New People Inc. Wizards

With the People Inc. 3.6 upgrade now in use by most of our clients, we have turned our attention to the development of Wizards. Wizards help users with multi-step or repetitive tasks, and enable them to perform potentially time-consuming updates quickly and easily. Click here for more details.


Autumn 2016

New version of People Inc. released

An upgrade for People Inc. is scheduled for release in October 2016. Available free-of-charge to all existing customers, this release includes new functionality to manage the pay review process, a feature to export pay-related information, a wizard to help manage recruitment, and much more. It also introduces a new user-interface for the People Inc. system.

To find out more about the upgrade click here


Managing Recruitment

The People Inc. system provides functionality to help users manage recruitment. From the request for authorisation to recruit, the publishing of vacancy information, the collection of CVs, the shortlisting and interview process, to job offers.

To find out more, click here.


Managing Time Off in Lieu

From time to time it may be necessary for an employee to work additional hours (over and above their standard contractual hours or work pattern). When this happens, employees may receive additional leave in lieu of payment for the extra time they have worked. It is possible to manage this information within People Inc. using an ESS request screen. This enables an employee to register the extra hours they have worked and request time off in lieu (or payment).


Summer 2016

Screen Manager Application

Available to users with a People Inc. Developer licence, the new Screen Manager application enables users to extract both full screen definitions and specific resources such as screen triggers from a development copy of People Inc. The XML file that is generated by the Screen Manager is then used to create the definitions for an identical resource in the client's live system. Please call your account manager if you would like to learn more about the Screen Manager application.


Social Mobility Surveys

Forms can be used to collect a wide variety of information. Amongst the most common HR forms is the annual staff appraisal form; most ESS users will create on-line versions of their appraisal forms. The same approach can be used to collect information about the social mobility of the workforce. To find out more about using People Inc. to manage Social Mobility Surveys click here.


Spring 2016

Active Telephone List (peg-board)

This People Inc. add on links directly to the system and displays a list of current employees together with their photo and contact details. It also enables staff to indicate their availability on a particular day (and displays their availability based on their absence records for that day as a starting point); so it is also a ‘Peg-Board’ that would be useful for exaample to receptionist, or others who answer the phone.

To find out more about the Active Telephone List add-on click here.


Winter 2015

Christmas opening hours

  • Support is available for People Inc. users during this period as follows:
  • Monday 21st December - Wednesday 23rd December: telephone and e-mail.
  • Thursday 24th December: 09:00-12:00, telephone and e-mail.
  • Friday 25th December - Monday 28th December: office closed.
  • uesday 29th December - Thursday 31st; urgent support available via e-mail only.
  • Friday 1st January: office closed.
  • Monday 4th January: normal support arrangements resume.

Please use the e-mail address for support. Best wishes to you all during the festive season


Autumn 2015

Generating Organisation Charts

Creating organisation charts can be a time-consuming activity. It is possible to create org-charts based on the information held within the People Inc. system. This not only saves time, but also ensures that information is based on just one set of records.

To find out more about generating org-charts from People Inc. data click here.


Web Recruitment in People Inc.

The People Inc. Web Recruitment add-on enables you to create a link between the system and the 'current vacancies' page on your company website. Using this add-on you can publish vacancy information directly onto your website simply by updating the information held within the People Inc. vacancies screen.

Candidates can browse this vacancy information and submit an application via an auto-generated application form. Their application is acknowledged (by e-mail) and their details are recorded within People Inc. The system will then notify those responsible for recruitment.

To find out more about the Web Recruitment add-on click here.


Summer 2015

Company Statistics

The new Statistics screen can be added to any People Inc. system in order to provide immediate analysis of company information, including headcount and turnover.

This analysis is shown in monthly periods within a dedicated screen which can be viewed by all users for a quick overview of the organisation to identify trends, problem areas, etc.

To find out how People Inc. can help you gather company stats, click here.


Spring 2015

Pay Review Process

Managing the information associated with a pay-review can be complex and time-consuming. People Inc. provides functionality that will simplify the process and save time, will ensure that minimal data-entry is required, and make each step easy to manage.

During a Pay Review, provisional salary figures for employees are generated from exisitng records (often using a percentage or a fixed increase). These figures are then reviewed by managers and suggestions made for changes or adjustments for individuals who have performed particularly well or perhaps taken on more responsibility. Once these changes are approved, the organisation's salary records need to be updated, their payroll team (or supplier) informed, and letters generated for employees.

Each organisation will have their own approach to pay reviews and there are therefore a number of different options available to People Inc. users for the various steps in the process. To find out how People Inc. can help with your pay-review, click here.


Driving Incidents

Adding new screens to People Inc. can be an easy thing if you are used to the design module. If however, you are not very experienced you need not go without, we have designed a number of screens that we can add to your system in under 20 minutes. One of these is the new Driving Incidents screen.

To find out more, click here.


Winter 2014/15

Payroll Extract

The Payroll Extract enhancement to People Inc. is designed to enable users to access and extract details of changes that relate to payroll processing, quickly and easily. This information can then be transferred to the payroll software (or bureau) that you use.
Why do we need this? A lot of the information held within People Inc. will be duplicated in a payroll system and while this can be seen as inefficient and an unwanted overhead for an organisation, People Inc. is very good at collecting and managing payroll related details.

For more information, click here


Shared Parental Leave

The new regulations for parental leave will allow parents to share leave that would otherwise be taken by the mother as maternity leave or the primary adopter as adoption leave. These changes will apply to eligible parents who are expecting on or after 5th April 2015.

To read more, take a look at our article.


Holiday Pay Calculations - Including additional/bonus payments

Holiday pay is typically calculated on basic salary alone. However, for employees that have no regular work pattern (e.g. a zero hour’s contract) holiday pay is calculated using an average of all remuneration received in the previous 12 weeks, but what about commission? Or overtime? That's where People Inc. can help and you can decide how.
You can read more about how to manage this in People Inc. in our article here.


Autumn 2014

New 'Fit for Work' Legislation

New Legislation for long-term sick leave is due to arrive nationwide in May 2015, and People Inc. is already capable of recording the information.

People Inc. is a very flexible piece of software, which means that changes to legislation can easily be incorporated into the system. For example, in order to begin recording 'Fit for Work' information under the new legislation, you can easily manipluate existing screens or add a brand new one just for that information.

We have already been making changes to some of our customers systems. You can read more in our article here.


Russel HR Consulting - Guest Blog

Our Employee Self-Service blog has been posted on Russel HR Consulting!

Take a look for yourself


Spring 2014

Web Recruitment Customisation

The People Inc. Web Recruitment add-on allows users to publish details of vacancies seamlessly onto their existing web site and style it to match.

There are 2 main steps in the recruitment process:

  • When a new vacancy is published the details will appear on the site, and it will automatically be removed when its ending date is reached.
  • When candidates apply online using this add-on, their details are recorded automatically within the People Inc. database.

A guide that describes how to make changes to the appearance can be found here. An example design is created to show the potential of changes to the standard design.


Winter 2013

Employee Self-Service

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) has the capability to be customised to suit the theme of your company. We have recently released an informative document that describes the process and possibilities for customers interested in taking advantage of this. More...


Summer 2013

Partner - Lomond Systems

Having worked together on a number of projects during the past 3 years, People Inc. authors P&A Software Solutions, and Lomond systems are now working together to supply software and services to organisations in the North of England. More...


Earnie integration

A customer friendly guide for exporting Earnie data and importing in to People Inc. is now available on the resources page for payroll users.


Spring 2013

New Online Resources

FAQ's, Mini Sessions and more have been updated and added to the Resources page of our website available for download.
The FAQ's offer guidance for troubleshooting common alert messages, and how to create new users, import reports, and manage a daily run.

The Mini Sessions offer tutorials on the how to use the ESS, sending and configuring letters, courses and training management, and other important features of the system.


Winter 2012

People Inc. Add-on - Pensions Reform

Following on from our recent work on pensions reform legislation, we have consolidated the ideas we reviewed during our online webinars with customers and have produced a Pensions Reform add-on for People Inc. to enable organisations to manage the information and processes associated with the legislation effectively. More...


Autumn 2012

New user training events

Free Webinars

After a break of around 12 months, a number of People Inc. mini-sessions were scheduled during September.

User Training 

A number of centrally run training courses have been organised to cover these areas of the system in more detail.

Personnel Manager Training

Personnel Manager users have not been forgotten! We are running a report writer course in Milton Keynes on the 4th December to help users to improve their report writing skills. Please contact us for more details. More...


Partner Award – AgathonHR

Following an exceptional performance during August 2012, where AgathonHR introduced the People Inc. HR system to 4 new clients, Andrew Pearce at Agathon has received the first People Inc. Partner Award of 2012. More...


Add-on Modules available for the People Inc. ESS

Two key attributes of the People Inc. Employee Self-Service Module make it ideal for managing processes: flexibility and accessibility. More...


Winter 2012

People Inc. version 3.5 released

This week sees the release of a new version of People Inc. in the UK (version 3.5). This upgrade focuses primarily on the web module and delivers a redesigned user-interface for the web client (Employee Self-Service module). More...


Spring 2011

New Release of People Inc.

We are awaiting the new release of People Inc. and exciting functionality coming soon!


People Inc. partner event

The annual People Inc. partner event tool place on the 24th March at the Putteridge Bury Conference Centre near Luton. Attended by regional partners and resellers, the event is designed to showcase new product developments and provide training for key staff working within the People Inc. reseller network. More...


Great feedback from Report Writer Courses

If you missed the Report Writer courses in January, do not despair as we will be announcing more dates soon. In the meantime, read the comments from our customers who attended the course More...

Winter 2010 

Delegate based Report Writer Courses

Customers of P&A Software can now enrol on a one day delegate based training course focusing purely on the art of report writing More...


Autumn 2010

P&A launches new taster sessions for People Inc. customers - 12th October 2010

By popular demand, P&A Software has launched a number of online taster sessions for customers. These sessions focus on a specific area of the software and focus on the benefits and possibilities. To receive invitations to our taster sessions just email us as 


Spring 2010

2nd Partner Conference held at Putteridge Bury - 29th April 2010

A really successful day was had at the 2nd Partner Conference, held in the beautiful surroundings of the 16th century manor house, Putteridge Bury. More...

Winter 2009 

Charity automates standard HR tasks

A national charity based in Northamptonshire has used People Inc. to increase its efficiency, by automating the time-consuming activities associated with absence management, More...
Nursery group chooses human resources software - People Inc.

A nursery group with 7 locations around the UK who employ in excess of 400 people extends their use of People Inc. More...


Summer 2009

Music Festival uses flexible software to manage the event

The flexibility of our software was demonstrated when local music festival organisers used it to help with the huge task of managing their annual event. Using a customised version of People Inc. we were able to manage everything from organising the hundreds of volunteers, right through to the sponsors, vendors, suppliers and of course artists.


Partners sign up with P&A Software - August 2009

P&A Software are proud to announce their official Partners Oryx Excel Ltd, AgathonHR, activHR Consulting Ltd, Software4HR, ITTD and Sigma Group.



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