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Three Additional Tools to Manage Training & Development

Three Additional Tools to Manage Training & Development

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16th February 2017


Managing employee training records one at a time can be time consuming (and prone to error) especially when there are large numbers of employees to be booked onto training courses. It is now possible to manage training records for groups of employees by using three new People Inc. training management wizards.

These wizards, included as standard with the People Inc. system, are designed to save the user time when managing training information and make the management of courses (and course administration) simpler and easier.


The training management wizards included as standard with the People Inc.system enable users to record training needs for a group or selection of employees, book staff onto training courses, and add records or completed training (again for a group or a selection of employees).

The wizards formalise the management of training into a 3-step process. These steps are: assigning a need, booking the course, and completing a course. Each wizard is dedicated to one of the steps. Users can of course continue to manage training information employee-by-employee if they prefer (they can continue to manage training records using system screens, alongside the wizards).


Assign Training Need

The Assign Training Need wizard is used to record training needs for a group or selection of employees. The user selects a course and chooses the employees in question, they then specify a target date. The wizard creates individual training need entries for the employees selected.

Assign Training Need

People Inc HR system tool listing employees to assign training needs to

This wizard is particularly useful when legislation changes, or when a new process is introduced. For example, having installed a new piece of equipment, the organisation may need to run some Health and Safety training for all production staff. In just a few seconds, a training need can be added for this course for these people, using this wizard (and the user can specify a target date for completing the training).


Book Training Course

Once a training need has been identified for an employee, the next step is to book them onto a course. The Book Training Course wizard can be used to book a number of employees onto a course. The user specifies a course and a date and selects a group of employees from a list (the wizard lists the employees who have a training need for the course). The system then updates employee training needs records with the course date, and changes the status of the entries to ‘Booked’.

Book Training Course

People Inc HR system tool showing course details with a calendar to select a booking date from

This wizard is very useful where an organisation is running a particular training course for a large number of employees. This usually requires that the course is run a number of times with different staff attending each session (there are normally limits on the numbers attending a course, and cover will usually be required in office/production areas). As staff are booked onto a session, they are automatically removed from the list who have a 'training need'. Users can choose attendees for the next session from the remaining employees.

Once a group of employees are booked onto a course or session, course invitations, joining instructions or any other course material can be sent to delegates via e-mail (direct from the People Inc. system)


Complete Training Course

The Complete Training Course wizard enables the user to select a group of employees and add training records for each person (indicating that they have attended a particular training course). The user can select employees themselves, or ask the system to list those who are booked onto a course (or those who have a training need for the course).

Complete Training Course

People Inc HR system tool listing training courses which can be selected

Note that, it is also possible to add details of the course fees (and if you run a CPE/CPD scheme, you can register ours/points for this) during this process. And if having completed the course in question, refresher training is required, a training need can also be added for each of the employees who attended the course, using the wizard.



If you would like to learn more about these Wizards, please join one of our free webinars:

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Download a copy of these Wizards

A copy of these training wizards can be downloaded from the Resources area of this website. Note that once downloaded, you are likely to need to ask your IT team to install the wizards for you (and you will need to register for an account before you can access People Inc. resources). Click here to log in to the Resources area.



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