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People Inc. Webinars

People Inc. Webinars

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People Inc. Webinars

10th July 2018


We run regular monthly Webinars to help customer get more from their People Inc. system. These sessions each focus on a particular aspect of the functionality provided by the system or provide an insight into some of the interesting functionality recently added to People Inc.

People Inc. provides comprehensive functionality to manage all aspects of your HR information. Some of the more-advanced functionality is provided via wizards and plug-ins. a number of Webinars have been run in the past to introduce new Wizards and Plug-ins. We will repeat some of these sessions to give those who missed out a chance to take part.


The next Webinar is scheduled for the 18th July at 10am and 19th July at 3pm. This will be about our new Report Browser plug-in, a useful tool that enables the user to browse and import any of the report templates from our website. This plug-in makes it easy to get information out of your system in a sleek and stylish way.

The plan for future Webinars is as follows:

  • Report Browser (July 18th @ 10am and 19th @ 3pm). This plug-in enables users to browse a comprehensive library of reports on our website, and download and install these within their People Inc. system. More...
  • Mail Queue Manager (August 15th @ 11am and 16th @ 2pm). This plug-in gives the user control over the People Inc. Mail Queue. It enables them to view and manage queued e-mail messages. More...
  • Organisation Charts (September 12th @ 10am and 13th @ 3pm). This tool enables users to generate organisation charts using the information recorded within People Inc. employee records. More...
  • Features Browser (Wednesday 26th September @ 3pm, Thursday 27th September @ 2pm). This plug-in enables users to download and install screen-based features for People Inc. More...
  • Attach Payslips (October 17th @ 10am and 18th @ 3pm). This plug-in enables users to attached payslips to employee records and make these available via the Employee Self-Service module. More...
  • Training Wizards (November 14th @ 10am and 15th @ 3pm). A suite of 3 wizards help users to manage training needs, course bookings and training records. More...
  • Absence Wizards (December 12th @ 11am and 13th @ 2pm). This set of wizards enable users to complete the absence year end process quickly and easily. More...

If you would like to attend these Webinars, please contact the People Inc. helpdesk on 01908 265111


Call 01908 265111 to book your place. You will then receive an e-mail containing information about the webinar and instructions explaining how you join. Just prior to the webinar itself, we will send you an e-mail reminder. You join the meeting by clicking on a link that opens your web browser. You will be asked to give your name as you join. The video part of the webinar is displayed on your screen. To listen to the webinar you have 2 choices: either use your telephone or use the speakers on your PC (or a headset).

Note: We use a tool called GoToMeeting to enable us to run our webinars. Most people can join these sessions without making any special arrangements. Some organisations block access to tools such as GoToMeeting. You may need to check with your IT team to make sure you are able to use GotoMeeting.



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