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Enhanced Employee & Company Communication

Enhanced Employee & Company Communication

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18th September 2019


The People Inc. Employee Self-Service module is in essence a communication tool; it enables HR (and the management team) to pass information on to employees, and employees can also pass information back the other way. For example, employees can see details of work-patterns and holiday calendars, they can see employee contact details and HR policies. Employees can also submit changes to their address and bank details, submit expense claims and time-sheets, and can request leave.

News Feature

The Company News feature was included with the version 4 release of People Inc. Using this add-on, HR users can register and publish news items. The news items are made available in a panel on the Employee Self-Service home page so that employees can read them.

There are a number of settings applied to individual news items:

  • Each news item has a title, brief description, and then full details.
  • News items are posted within a range of dates and are only displayed for this period of time.
  • It is possible to specify that messages are only shown to line-managers (messages marked in this way are withheld from most employees).
  • News items can be categorised, and can be attributed to a particular source (HR or management, or similar).

News items are displayed in a list on the Employee Self-Service home page. If more than one page is required to display current news messages, new pages are created automatically.

Users can click on an entry in the list to see the news item in detail.

Company news ticker displaying HR and general news items targeted at specific employee groups

More Information

Please contact your account manager or call the People Inc. team on 01908 265111 for more information about the Company News feature.



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