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Generate Day Records for Leave

Generate Day Records for Leave

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Leave Calculator

Leave Calculator

From our Product FAQs

The ability to account accurately for leave is an important feature of an HR system. In People Inc. it is possible to assign an employee allowance to account for different types of leave, and for each of those types of leave to be managed by user defined rules. This means that one type of leave could be accounted for in hours and another in days; the way the days are calculated could be in full days or based on an employees FTE. Rules can be configured to automatically ignore bank holidays or other user defined periods if required. Leave can also be automatically incremented based on years of service. Allowances can be awarded up front or calculated daily based on an accrual. In People Inc. Time a much higher precision of data can be captured (down to the minute if required) and other items configured over a rolling year; this means that a person’s contractual hours or accruals can be assigned on a daily basis rather than being based around a seven-day work pattern.

The calculator below provides some basic information about an absence. By completed the range of dates required, entering the organisations fill time hours per day and the employees seven-day work pattern day records will be calculated for the period of the absence. It is then possible to update the generated records to account for varying contractual hours or full-time hours on a day. This calculator does not account for bank holidays and these dates will need to be amended individually. Totals will be provided for the number of dates included in the absence the number of whole working days (ignoring FTE), the total number of working hours lost and the total number of days lost.

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Full Time Hours per Day

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