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Pro Rata Holiday Entitlement

Pro Rata Holiday Entitlement

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Leave Entitlement Calculator

Leave Entitlement Calculator

From our Product FAQs

The Leave Entitlement Calculator below can be used to calculate entitlements for workers for all or part of a leave year. This simple tool works on full days although it is possible to calculate the entitlement based on hours worked. This calculator does not enforce the rules around the statutory minimum entitlement which are briefly explained below. For complete information please refer to the government website.

In the UK workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid leave per year. This equates to a total of 28 days leave for those working a five-day week. Part time workers are entitled to the same however the amount they are awarded will be reduced proportionally. For example, a part time employee working only two days a week will be entitled to 11.5 days paid leave (2*5.6 rounded up to the nearest half). Where workers are on irregular hours, they are entitled to an amount of paid leave for every hour that they work.

The maximum entitlement that can be awarded as statutory paid leave is 28 days. This means that a person working six days a week would not be entitled to additional time off. An employer is able to include bank holidays as part of the statutory entitlement.

The statutory leave entitlement must never be rounded down; this must be considered when awarding leave to part time employees.

A leave year is usually defined within an employment contract; where one has not been defined it is considered to be defined by the anniversary of an employee’s date of join.

An employer can award time off in excess of the statutory minimum as part of a basic entitlement or through annual leave increments. Time off awarded in excess of the statutory minimum will be governed by the terms of an employment contract meaning this additional leave may not be governed by the same rules as the statutory minimum.

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The following links provide additional information about calculating leave. The links are to pages on websites over which we have no control. This information is provided for reference only.

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