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Monitoring Bias

Monitoring Bias

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Pay Equality

Unadjusted Pay Gap

Pay equality is one measure which can be used to help monitor and eliminate discrimination within an organisation. Calculations for pay equality can be complicated by other indicators of discrimination such as seniority level.

Average salary for each gender is calculated in the following way:

Average Gender Salary = Total Salary for Gender / Headcount for Gender

Glassdoor provides a comprehensive explanation of this unadjusted pay equity calculated and a link to this can be found in the additional information section

The formula used in the calculation is:

Unadjusted Pay Gap = (Average Male Pay - Average Female Pay) / Average Male Pay

Pay Equity Calculator

Additional Information

External Resources

The following links provide additional information about FTE. The links are to pages on websites over which we have no control. This information is provided for reference only.

  • How to Analyze Your Gender Pay Gap ( - External Link.

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