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Tracking & Recording Working Time

Tracking & Recording Working Time

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Simple Time Sheet

Timesheets are used to record hours work in a period. The period recorded in a timesheet will typically cover a week but could cover a month. Individuals’ complete timesheets for themselves and submit it for processing or a manager will complete a time sheet which includes all their team members.

In People Inc. timesheets can be completed and submitted through a web browser or mobile device. The timesheet addon can be configured to require up to two levels of approval. Using reports, it is possible to analyse time sheets, calculating totals for teams, departments or the whole organisation over user defined periods. It is also possible to create custom reports to analyse the data further, perhaps identifying which week days are most productive based on the hours recorded.

The time sheet below is an example of one which an individual would complete for a working week. For each week day the individual selects their start and finish time, enters the total time taken for breaks and can optionally include their contractual hours.

Day Start Time End Time Break Hours Break Minutes Contractual Hours Total Hours














Hourly Rate

Total Break

Contractual Hours

Hours Worked

+/- Contractual

Total Pay



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