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Training Management Tools

Training Management Tools

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Training Matrix Generator

From our Product FAQs

A training matrix charts employees against training courses. The content of the grid is then populated with each employees training status for each training course. This type of matrix can be used as part of training management.

Within an HR management system such as People Inc. a range of training management functionality is available. An integrated training matrix will automatically analyse records within the system, this will include key dates as well as mandatory training items. Such integrated tools also provide for extended functionality; allowing courses to booked or training needs to be assigned. Other sections of the system, such as appraisal or competency management modules, will also feed training needs into the training management component.

This tool generates a simple training matrix in an HTML format which can be downloaded and imported into Excel for editing. It Is possible to enter any number of employees, courses and status options.

Training Matrix

Employee Information

Employee Number First Name Surname Job Title Action


Course Name Action

Training Status

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